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Few different chicken marinades that I use for chicken tacos, salads, or gyros.  

This recipe is a recreation of a favorite soup my mom used to make when I was younger.  Hers was called a Med Soup, this is my 'Samified' version. Full of nutrients and flavor with a kick of spice, perfect for a cold evening.

Enjoy ;)

Beef & Rice
gf. v. df.

I created this recipe as a new comfort food on my allergy friendly journey.  It's pretty easy and super yummy!

This recipe is actually inspired from a dinner my best friend made while I was visiting.  I've replaced the dairy in this recipe with hummus combined with fresh lemon and sautéd spinach and broccoli.

This recipe is what I call 'Samified'.  I found the recipe on Love & Lemons. Her recipe is a vegan take, and it was perfect for getting me started. I added in spices, carrots, and apples to round out the flavor more. *delish! 

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coming soon

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