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Heart Chakra Salad

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All the green in this salad inspired me to name this salad my Heart Chakra Salad. Packed with nutrients that make your gut health oh so happy! Adding in some hummus helps make this salad keep you satiated longer. I also have found that adding hummus to a salad helps create that creamy texture that cheese used to provide for me.   Arugula, cucumber, fennel, pistachios, pumpkin seeds and more. Find recipe here


> Arugula ~ 1.5-2 cups

> olive oil ~ to drizzle

> og blend - onion powder & garlic powder ~ i dunno.. like 1/4-1/2t each

> red pepper flakes ~ to taste 

> salt ~ preferably a complete salt like Redmond Sea Salt 

> squeeze of lemon

> fennel ~ sliced & to taste

> cucumber ~ peeled & to taste. I used about 1/4 of the cucumber, quartered

> pickled red onion ~ or regular red onion- whatever you have on hand. I added about 2T

> hummus of choice. I used a local grocer's line, Harmon's Chile Lime Hummus. About 2T

> hulled hemp seeds ~ 3t

> raw, unsalted pumpkin seeds ~ 3t

> shelled, unsalted pistachios ~ 5t

> nutritional yeast ~ 1/4t

> balsamic glaze ~ to drizzle at end before tossing

Begin by combining in a large bowl - seriously, don't skimp on the bowl- the arugula, og blend, pinch of salt, pinch of pepper, and red pepper flakes to taste (I do a half to full pinch).  Toss together to begin working the seasoning into the lettuce. Then drizzle with olive oil and squeeze of lemon. Toss the salad until all leaves are coated. 

Next, add in sliced fennel, chopped cucumbners, red onions, hemp seeds, pistachio nuts, and pumpkin seeds. Toss together to coat with the arugula dessing.  

Finish by topping with balsamic glaze and nutritional yeast. 

Modifications: Fresh watermelon would be delicious in this salad as well! More proteinadd in salamon, chicken, steak, tempeh, shrimp. 

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