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I wanted to write a more in-depth about me page to introduce myself a little more. 

I have been holding off on publishing this blog because I haven’t been able to figure out how I wanted to introduce myself to the world.  Do I start with the history? Where I’m from, the life story? I’ve been receiving the message to let the past be in the past and allow the present to be the moment.  Because really, I don’t know the person in the past anymore and I don’t know the person of the future.  I have memories and wisdom of the past. I have glimpses and daydreams of the future. And you see, that is the whole point of this blog, this journey. I am weaving together pieces of the present to create the future.  So let’s start there.

So who am I today? I am a student.  I am currently completing my first 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. I am a dog mom to two, 15 year old poodles who continually teach me to come back to the present and be in the moment. I live in Salt Lake City with the love of my life and boyfriend. I am a daughter to two amazing parents. I am a proud Marine sister to my baby brother and I have two older brothers. I am a friend to amazing people. I am someone who goes to therapy regularly. The list goes on and on. Really, I am a young woman who has been on a journey of learning who I am at the core, and how I want my next chapter of life to look.

Covid did a really great job of stripping away nearly all the layers of my ‘identities’.  I have been on a mission over the last year to establish ‘Who am I’ without the superficial (meaning outside) identities I once so relied on. Through weekly therapy for a year I have discovered many answers to that question.  But for now I am going to leave it as, I am me.  I change constantly. I strive daily to try to show up better than I was the day before. Sometimes that only looks like pondering a situation. Other days it looks like understanding where I can show up better next time.  And sometimes it is having a chance to show up differently in that moment.   Yoga Teacher Training is teaching me how to give myself permission to just show up as I am. I am a student- how could I be expected to have all the answers and be perfect already? That would defeat the point of school, wouldn't it? So why the hell do we take that approach with life? I’m taking a stand to change that narrative.  I don’t know what the hell I am doing, but I am done letting fear stop me from trying.

So welcome to Hippie Barnacle! Where, in life, we are all students. And it’s okay that we don’t have it all figured out. For that would take away the fun and journey of life. I’m excited for whomever joins me along the way. I hope I can share a nugget that sparks inspiration in some way and together we can grow our lights in this big, giant, messy, beautiful world that we share.

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