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Tibetan singing bowl. Tibetian inscription - mantra _Om mani padme hum_(Om is a sacred syl

        Welcome to my Shala!

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Catch my flow ~

I am currently teaching at The Culture Center in Holladay, UT. 4411 s. 2950 e. 

I teach a gentle restorative yoga flow every Monday evening at 5:30p & 7:00p. This class includes the use of lots of props and modifications to help your body fit the pose. Props include: blocks, blankets, yoga straps & bolsters. Class also will have the use of sound healing.  A sound bath savasana is currently being offered to seal our practice together.

Can't wait to flow together! 

Check out our schedule here!

Work with me 1:1

information coming soon

Palm Tree Leaves

The 8 Limbs of Yoga

When people think of yoga, they often think of 1 limb- maybe two- and that is 3. Asana & 4. Pranayama. However, there are actually 8 limbs of yoga! Here's an overview~

1. Yamas: five ethical standards of the outer relationship

~ahimsa) compassion for all living things, satya) commitment to truthfulness, asteya) not taking anything that has not been freely given, brahmacharya) non- excessiveness, aparigraha) letting go of attachments and understanding that change is the only constant. 

2. Niyamas: five ethical standards of the inner relationship

~saucha) purity/ cleanliness, santosha) contentment, karma, tapas) self discipline in the use of our energy, svadhyaya) to intentionally finding self awareness, isvara pranidhana) celebration of the spiritual through surrender.

3. Asana: practice of the physical body to prepare the body and mind for meditation. 

4. Pranayama: controlling and directing the breath.

5. Pratyahara: restraining/ controlling of the senses

6. Dharana: the steadying of the mind 

7. Dhyana: assimilation - meditation on the divine

8. Samadhi: union with the divine

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